Alex Bunardzic

Alex has been doing software development since 1990. He grew his practice by adopting the ethical approach that focuses on technology that serves human needs. That focus applies both to the users of software and to the developers of software. Practices that Alex found useful in pursuing that ethical orientation are Extreme Programming, Test-Driven Development, pair and mob programming, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, No Estimates, and Approximation-Before-Precision. Alex has been leading and mentoring teams of software developers for the past 20 years. Currently, he is also working on establishing the Software Artisan Guild.

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05 June 2023
05 June 2023

Why Test-Driven Development? (Part 1)

Software development is a very tough discipline. Robert Martin (better known as Uncle Bob) holds that software development is the toughest discipline because never before in human history was there an expectation to deal with such insane levels of details. Software development is so tough that it even created the movement called Extreme Programming (XP). … Read more