Software Engineering at Red Gate

What's it like being a Software Engineer at Red Gate?

The people are smart and stuff gets done.

This is a big deal for us. By hiring the best people, and trusting them to get on with being the best people, we can stay flat, casual and reasonably fun whilst still making great software.

So the person next to you will be a smart as you are, if not smarter, and that makes a big difference.

It means a couple of things happen.

Since we try never to be stupid, stupid decisions don't run your life. Stuffed suits don't tell you to leverage your core synergies, and you won't have to work around big egos.

You'll work in a small team with developers, testers, user experience specialists, and a tech author. Between you, you'll work out the best way to solve a problem, then get on and solve it. Everybody's opinion counts; and you'll contribute to that team with an equal voice whether you've been here five years or just since last Wednesday.

We have flexi-time, because we care how well something gets done, not whether you're doing it from nine o'clock sharp. We have free breakfast and lunch, days out, table tennis, and so on, because your work environment matters, and downtime is important.

If you need something, you'll generally get it quickly, because there's no point putting bureaucracy between you and getting your job done. Basically, we're reasonable to each other, because people don't do awesome things when they're not happy.

And something else - it's exciting here. We're successful, and becoming more so. A lot of our tools are market leaders, and we're making money. Our revenue has been growing year on year, and we don't see it slowing down.  That's nice. And we're entering new marketplaces, making acquisitions; we've got more ideas than we have people to write software - which is where you come in.

How about day to day?

Well, we score pretty highly on the Joel Test

We work with .NET, mostly C#, making tools for SQL Server developers and DBAs, .NET developers, Exchange sysadmins, and Oracle developers. But if you don't know C#, or aren't so hot on SQL, that's really not a problem. Like we said, it's all about finding smart people. They tend to be able to pick stuff up.

Working environment is important to us, because we know it will be to you. We've got decently spec'd dev machines, good tools and build environment, and free food.

Our development projects are Agile, and we're very user-focussed. You'll work closely with testers and usability specialists to make sure our tools do what they're supposed to do, and that what they're supposed to do matches what our customers want. There's quite a bit of variation, too - you could be building a GUI, tinkering deep in the engine code, or helping design a new product.

We've got some photo galleries, so why not have a look round.

Who are we looking for?

You've probably guessed by now: smart people.

You can see full job descriptions for all of our Software Engineering roles via this page.

Take a look at our People Profiles to find out more about what our Software Engineers, such as Rob think of life at Red Gate.

What we really care about is whether you're bright, and good at getting stuff done. We tend to be passionate about technology and usability too.

If you're a recent graduate, we're interested in talking to you. We hire a lot of grads, and they hit the ground running - developing real software from day one.

If you're just looking around, maybe thinking about a change, you should probably look over here. We think we offer an awesome environment and great opportunities. Most of our developers say they've never worked anywhere quite like Red Gate before; or enjoyed the kind of trust, value, and autonomy we think is basically a no-brainer if you're going to call yourselves a software company.

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