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02 December 2009
02 December 2009

Using Three Flavors of LINQ To Populate a TreeView

LINQ is a valuable technology. LINQ to XML, LINQ to Objects and LINQ to XSD, in particular, can save valuable time for developers and produce more maintainable code. Michael describes how he used three different flavours of LINQ to map XML to a Treeview component that he used in the QueryPicker control that was the subject of a two-part article here on Simple-Talk. … Read more

Refactoring Databases: The Process

Database refactoring can greatly improve the efficiency of your database code. However, even a seemingly simple database refactoring such as "Move Column" can be tricky to implement correctly in a production environment. In this article, Scott Ambler and Pramod Sadalage describe a rigorous process for the correct implementation of an appropriate refactoring. … Read more