ASP.NET MVC Routing Extensibility

You develop an ASP.NET MVC application by extending it; customising any default logic that you wish to change with your own implementation. Simone starts a tour of the extensibility points of ASP.NET MVC, by looking at the beginning of the pipeline, the Routing Module, and gives a practical example of writing an extension, with source code: a way of 'watermaking' images 'on the fly'.… Read more

An Introduction to ASP.NET MVC Extensibility

Because ASP.NET MVC has been designed with extensibility as its design principle; almost every logical step of the processing pipeline can be replaced with your own implementation. In fact, the best way to develop applications with ASP.NET MVC is to extend the system, Simone starts a series that explains how to implement extensions to ASP.NET MVC, starting with the ones at the beginning of the pipeline (routing extensions) and finishing with the view extensions points.… Read more