Analyze Big Data with Apache Hadoop on Windows Azure Preview Service Update 3

Hadoop and MapReduce have good prospects for adoption as a standard for big data analysis, especially since its adoption by Microsoft. It is ideal for Cloud usage since one can spin up nodes when required, pay only for storage and compute services whilst they are running. Roger Jennings describes how to get it running on Azure.… Read more

Free Private Data from Silos for Internal Use with Microsoft CodeName "Data Hub"

Both Amazon and Microsoft are hosting large datasets such as those used for healthcare. Windows Azure Marketplace DataMarket now gives enterprises a way of publishing or buying large datasets. This principle is now being extended to allow organizations to provide their knowledge workers with a central Self-Service private DataMarket.… Read more

Track Consumer Engagement and Sentiment with Microsoft Codename "Social Analytics"

It isn't at all easy to make sense of the deluge of information from social media sites, particularly to measure opinion or sentiment, yet it has become increasingly important for marketing to be able to do so. Microsoft are keen to be in the vanguard with their "Social Analytics" research project… Read more