Investigating SQL Server 2008 Wait Events with XEVENTS

Some reasons for the slow-running of database applications aren't obvious. Occasionally, even the profiler won't tell you enough to remedy a problem, especially when a SQL Statement is being forced to wait. Now, in SQL Server 2008, come XEvents, which allow you to look at those wait events that are slowing your SQL Statements. Mario Broodbakker continues his series about SQL Server Wait Events SQL Server 2008 wait event based performance analysis using XEvents… Read more

SQL Server Wait Events: Taking the Guesswork out of Performance Profiling

Measuring what is actually happening is always the best course of action when investigating performance issues on databases, rather than relying on cache hit ratios, or best practices, or worst of all, guesswork. This article introduces some techniques that will allow you to pinpoint exactly where the performance issues are in your system, so you'll know exactly where to spend your time (and money) in solving them. … Read more