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Knut Jürgensen

Knut Jürgensen is a Master Data Administrator with over ten years' experience in this field. His current employer is an engineering company, based in Germany, which designs and manufactures sophisticated, mid-sized assembly lines. Previously he was the General Secretary of the Oranje Benefit Society in South Africa. Here he was not only instrumental in implementing the Society's first computer system but he was also involved in the development of the software for the members' data base which he subsequently managed.

29 November 2016
29 November 2016

Planning for Successful Data Management

It is the data, in particular, that sets Database Lifecycle Management apart from the mainstream of application delivery. Data entities, and the way that organisations understand and deal with them, have their own lifespan. If we neglect the management of data, we risk disaster for the organisations that use it. If we take data management seriously, databases become a lot easier. … Read more