Keith Fletcher

Keith is currently employed as a software developer, and has specialised in SQL Server over the last 8 years. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, he has dabbled in project management, network support, electrical engineering and a few other bits and bobs that people were willing to pay him for. There have been rumours that he’s a bit of a techno-geek.

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27 March 2007
27 March 2007

Creating Cross Tab Queries and Pivot Tables in SQL

For those times when you absolutely, positively got to perform a cross tab query in SQL, Keith Fletcher's T-SQL stored procedure will allow you to do it "on the fly". You can add it to your database and start cross tabbing immediately, without any further setup or changes to your SQL code. Check it out, and then take the cross tab challenge. If you can compile a cross tab report that displays the order value by customer, by quarter, using the stored procedure, you may win a much-coveted prize!… Read more