Dan Appleman

Dan Appleman is the author of the book “Advanced Apex Programming on Salesforce.com and Force.com” and CTO of Full Circle CRM, a Salesforce ISV partner. He is the author of numerous courses on Pluralsight.com including “Force.com and Apex Fundamentals for Developers” and “Career and Survival Strategies for Software Developers”. See a full list of his courses at http://bit.ly/danspscourses. In a past life he was an author and expert on Windows, .NET, VB and other Microsoft technologies.

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14 November 2014
14 November 2014

The Salesforce Platform: The Return of the Citizen Programmer

The current popularity of the Salesforce software development platform has taken the industry by surprise. The current IT culture favours the esoteric, yet here is a development platform geared to the idea that anyone can use it: a populist language like BASIC. Does this threaten the careers of professional developers? Paradoxically, not at all, says Dan Appleman. … Read more