Bert Jan van der Steeg

Bert Jan van der Steeg is owner of Companio BV and founder of He started working with SharePoint Portal Server 2003 about 5 years ago, at which time he also engaged in a significant amount of Exchange projects. He switched his focus primarily on SharePoint, just before Microsoft released Office SharePoint Server 2007. His work as a SharePoint consultant consists of assisting organizations in designing and planning their implementations, working with the design teams and bridging the gap between the IT-department and the business side of the company. Bert Jan is a Mindsharp Associated Trainer and delivers Mindsharp’s courseware in The Netherlands through You can find out more about Bert on LinkedIn, and you should follow him on Twitter: @bertjanvdsteeg

Database Management for SharePoint 2010

With each revision, SharePoint becomes more a SQL Server Database application, with everything that implies for planning and deployment. There are advantages to this: SharePoint can make use of mirroring, data-compression and remote BLOB storage. It can employ advanced tools such as data file compression, and object-level restore. DBAs can employ familiar techniques to speed SharePoint applications. Bert explains the way that SharePoint and SQL Server interact. … Read more