Arvind Kumar

Arvind Kumar is Digital transformation leader with more than 14 years of IT experience and successfully implementing digital strategies/solution for highly visible large complex projects in multiple domains like Telecom, Defense, Finance Engineering, Healthcare and Money Laundering for major clients. He has architected, executed and implemented various solutions in automation technologies and managed large digital ecommerce solutions for telecom B2B and B2C business. Arvind is also a PMI certified Project Management professional and Fellow member of reputed professional body - IETE (The Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers)

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08 January 2019
08 January 2019

The Case for Value-Based Delivery

In the past, I was very proud that I’d meticulously defended my projects against scope creep, but I was missing the point. The real reason organizations should undertake projects is to achieve value. What should be the priority, then, defending against scope creep or value-based delivery? The agile movement fundamentally understands this. Its core principles … Read more