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3 tips for SQL Azure connection perfection

One of my main annoyances when dealing with SQL Azure is of course the occasional connection problems that communicating to a cloud database entails. If you’re used to programming against a locally hosted SQL Server box this can be quite a change and annoying like you wouldn’t believe. So after hitting the problem again in … Read more

Windows Azure from a Data Perspective

Before creating a data application in Windows Azure, it is important to make choices based on the type of data you have, as well as the security and the business requirements. There are a wide range of options, because Windows Azure has intrinsic data storage, completely separate from SQL Azure, that is highly available and replicated. Your data requirements are likely to dictate the type of data storage options you choose.… Read more

Simple Database Backups With SQL Azure

SQL Azure can take away a great deal of the maintenance work from a hosted database-driven website. It isn't perfect, however, in that it doesn't support the archiving of data by the users. Mike Mooney explains how he customised the solution with SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare to solve the problem of getting local backup copies of database schema and data. … Read more