Database Lifecycle Management eBook

This book describes how to apply the business and technical approaches of Database Lifecycle Management (DLM) and DevOps, to make database change management processes more visible, predictable, and measurable. It explains, strategically, the tools, skills, and methods that will allow an organization to:

By making the processes we use to develop, release, deploy, and maintain databases more visible, predictable, and measurable, and working together more effectively as a team, organizations can start to reap the benefits of faster delivery, reduced costs, and increased quality.

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  1. What is Database Lifecycle Management (DLM)?
  2. DevOps and Database Lifecycle Management
  3. Planning for a Successful Database Lifecycle
  4. Managing data as part of DLM
  5. Database Version Control
  6. Better Ways to Build a Database
  7. Database Migrations: Modifying Existing Databases
  8. A DLM Approach to Database Testing
  9. Database Continuous Integration
  10. Database Deployment and Release
  11. Issue Tracking for Databases
  12. Database Lifecycle Management for ETL Systems