Important information about Exchange Server Archiver

Thank you for visiting this section of our website, although this is probably not what you were expecting to find. If you don't already know, Red Gate has decided to stop developing Exchange Server Archiver and therefore the product is no longer available to download or to purchase.

This was not an easy decision for the company and we are still committed to doing the best for our customers.

Do you currently use Exchange Server Archiver?

Please be reassured that your installation of Exchange Server Archiver (ESA) will not expire, so you can carry on using the software as you wish. We will, of course, continue to honour support contracts, but unfortunately we won't be able to renew contracts that have expired.

Should you wish to stop using ESA, we recommend that you take a look at the options for uninstalling ESA page on our website.

We welcome any feedback on this subject; please email We hope you continue to have a positive view of Red Gate and our products and we look forward to providing solutions for you in the future.

Kind regards,

The Red Gate Exchange Team