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Issue 3

The database DevOps magazine from Redgate Software explores how – and why – application and database development can both make the most of DevOps.

Why DevOps and data privacy go hand in hand

At first glance, the desire to implement DevOps and the requirement to meet increasingly demanding legislation like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), appear to be mutually exclusive. You want to go down one road, but you’re being pulled down another.

Look a little closer, however, and a different picture emerges, because DevOps actually aligns neatly with ‘data protection by design and by default’, the main driver of the GDPR. DevOps enables software to be delivered in a consistent, reliable and repeatable way, and also provides an audit trail of changes made.

Include the database in DevOps and the apparently onerous tasks the GDPR requires become easier. From the automated provisioning of database copies with masked personal data, to version controlling changes, through to automated deployments, database development can be streamlined. Yet at the same time, data privacy can be protected and complying with the GDPR becomes a natural part of development rather than an extra step.

So wherever you are on your journey to DevOps, the advantages of including the database have now become even clearer.

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