Shift LEFT magazine

Issue 2

The database DevOps magazine from Redgate Software explores how – and why – application and database development can both make the most of DevOps.

DevOps has moved from the back room to the board room. Once the challenger threatening the status quo, it is now being seen as the enabler for change that will help to maintain the status quo.

New disruptors are emerging in the tech space, their ability to turn on a dime giving them a competitive advantage over bigger, slower players. Established companies with a defined market position are recognizing they are also entrenched in a confined space. New data regulations are looming that will force every company and organization to follow rigid guidelines.

DevOps can help – and the database is part of that. As Microsoft’s Donovan Brown points out in the lead article of Shift LEFT #2, “If you’re doing DevOps differently for your database and the rest of your system … there’s something wrong there.”

Truth is, you can introduce DevOps for both the application and the database by adding to the infrastructure you already have in place, rather than replacing it. At the same time, you’ll put in place the processes you need to match the disruptors on the one hand and meet regulatory requirements on the other.

Times are changing, but the technology is now in place to help you change with them.

Matt Hilbert

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