Disaster Recovery in the Enterprise – Paying the Price to Avoid Extra Costs

Data Protection and Disaster Recovery (DR) are IT tasks that seldom get the same level of attention as development... until disaster strikes. Only if planning is adequate can an organisation be resilient in the face of unexpected problems. There are several steps that are needed to achieve an adequate DR process and the ability to restore business operations after a disaster.… Read more

SQL Virtual Restore and the Sandbox Development Environment

It is a problem to provide enough data for database development work, especially when it has to be managed, and has to comply with the conditions for using live data. Added to that are the constraints of disk space and the problem of providing risk-free deployment. Grant explains how three Red Gate tools and work together to provide a neat solution to providing the ideal sandbox development environment.… Read more

Plan de relève en cas de désastre pour les bases de données sur SQL Serveur

La haute disponibilité est une mesure du temps que cela prendra pour revenir à vos opérations régulières suite à un incident imprévu causant un désastre. Une planification stratégique et une documentation complète sont requises afin de surmonter ce défit. Si votre plan de relève échoue, cet incident pourrait devenir une catastrophe pour votre entreprise. Hugo Shebbeare discute de tous ces détails avec un exemple typique fournissant aussi tout le code et toute la documentation nécessaire pour éviter que cela arrive à vos opérations respectives.… Read more

Disaster Recovery for SQL Server Databases

High-Availability depends on how quickly you can recover a production system after an incident that has caused a failure. This requires planning, and documentation. If you get a Disaster Recovery Plan wrong, it can make an incident into a catastrophe for the business. Hugo Shebbeare discusses some essentials, describes a typical system, and provides sample documentation.… Read more

How to Get Management Buy-In for Software purchases

There is a good chance that the process of purchasing software or hardware in your organization involves several people. DBAs will often initiate a request, but are not normally trained in the arts of influencing the management decision process to ensure that essentials get purchased. It is becoming essential to understand how to get Management support for software purchases. Dan offers nuggets of wisdom.… Read more