.NET Reflector FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Bart tackles all the commonly asked questions about .NET Reflector. Each answer is done as a separate blog post so that your comments, contributions and or supplementary questions can be put as comments to the various blog posts.

For a general introduction to .NET Reflector, take a look at .NET Reflector: Soup to Nuts and for a general guide to add-ins see Using .NET Reflector Add-ins . To see what we are up to, in planning other developments with the Reflector codebase see ‘What a Job Opportunity’ and ‘A new Visual Studio hosted debugging technology based on .NET Reflector’/

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I report a bug in one of the add-ins?
  2. How do I find out which add-ins I have installed?
  3. How do I install add-ins?
  4. How do I view decompiled source code?
  5. How do I refresh the assemblies list?
  6. I’m getting an error saying a path and/or filename is too long
  7. Can I use .NET Reflector to extract the resources from a .NET assembly?
  8. Can I view disassembled IL instead of decompiled source code?
  9. Does .NET Reflector support unmanaged code?
  10. Can I customize the appearance of the decompiled source code in the Disassembler pane?
  11. Does .NET Reflector lock assemblies and/or PDB files?
  12. Is it possible to configure the visibility of members and types that .NET Reflector displays?
  13. How does .NET Reflector deal with indexers?
  14. .NET Reflector doesn’t decompile some methods correctly – why not?
  15. Is it possible to see XML documentation for members and types?
  16. How do I stop .NET Reflector from asking me to locate assemblies all the time?
  17. Where’s the .NET 3.5 decompilation support?
  18. Can I decompile a whole assembly back to C# or VB source code?
  19. How can I set breakpoints in the code I’ve decompiled when debugging?
  20. How can I tell which overload of a method is being called in the decompiled source code?
  21. Why does .NET Reflector auto-update itself?
  22. Can I edit assemblies I’ve opened in .NET Reflector?
  23. Why doesn’t the analyzer work for enum values?
  24. Does the .NET Reflector Visual Studio add-in work with Visual Studio Express?
  25. Is it possible to load different versions of the same assembly at the same time?
  26. How do I integrate .NET Reflector with the Windows Explorer shell?
  27. How can I decompile the implementation of an entire class or struct?