Patterns and Practices

This Simple-Talk library links you to free articles from industry experts on the topics of DevOps, Continuous Delivery and Database Lifecycle Management. The articles cover best practices and processes from getting started with version control, gradually moving towards more agile methods of database delivery. From improving database development practices, to automating the build and deployment of database changes and monitoring their impact in production, you will find a wealth of information to help you get started.


Manual deployment processes.

Moving Towards Version Controlling Your Database

Moving your database under version control is not just safer, it makes it easier working with teams and helps you move towards shorter development cycles and more rapid releases.

Version Control

Articles on version control.

Continuous Integration

Articles on continuous integration.

Assessing SQL Code Quality

Not all T-SQL is created equally. Whether you're refactoring your code or you've inherited a database with some interesting behaviors, these articles will help you work through the issues and fend off future problems.

Getting started with automated database testing

Get started applying automated testing to your database code with this article collection, covering the basics of applying routine testing to your databases and working with test data.

Getting Started With Continuous Integration

Learn how to develop with database continuous integration using popular tools like Jenkins to move from static database releases to automated builds as part of a devops development pipeline.

Getting started with test-driven database development

Test-driven development is one of the key methods for bringing in shorter release cycles to your software development, but the database can be a blocker. Here we show how to apply TDD to the database so it can be a full part of the devops release lifecycle.

Getting started with tSQLt for automated database testing

Testing with tSQLt is popular because it allows you to write tests natively in T-SQL, making it a natural fit for database developers. These articles will help you get started writing tests for your databases.

Monitoring Database Health

These articles will help you get started monitoring the health of your databases so you can fend off problems before they become critical issues.

Automated Deployment

Articles on automated deployment.

Getting started with continuous delivery

Continuous delivery for the database is key to moving to a rapid-release cadence for your data applications, and these articles are a strong foundation for making database deployments safe and repeatable.

Getting started with database deployments

Getting the database deploying automatically alongside your applications greatly simplifies a full devops development pipeline - these articles will give you a grounding in the processes you need to know to start automated database deployments.

Getting started with database migration scripts

Migration scripts are a vital part of database deployments, and these articles will help you understand what you need to know to help bring your databases into an automated deployment process.

Managing database releases

Releasing your database alongside the application isn't impossible, but it does require careful configuration and monitoring to ensure deployment goes smoothly and to ensure rollbacks are both possible and smooth.

Managing infrastructure and configuration for continuous delivery

What are the best practices for your database infrastructure in a continuous delivery development environment? These articles will help you set up your servers and configure your databases for devops practices.

Monitoring and recovery for database releases

Working with databases in automated deployment development environments can present challenges, but with the correct monitoring and recovery preparations it's straightforward to bring the database along on the devops journey.