The DevOps – NoOps Debate

A catchy new term can cause quite a lot of misunderstanding when it is picked up with enthusiasm by IT journalists. The cloud will, in time, allow us to outsource some of our Ops chores to Platform service-providers, but there will still be a need for those who are responsible for applications to be able to administer them in production wherever they are deployed.… Read more

An Introduction to Windows Azure (Part 2)

This is the second article of a two-part introduction to Windows Azure. The first part discussed the Windows Azure data centers and examined the core services that Windows Azure offers. This article explore additional services available as part of Windows Azure which enable customers to build richer, more powerful applications.… Read more

Dial in the scale: Amazon’s new DynamoDB

Dynamo is a fast and scalable proprietary key-value structured storage system that gives the features of both simple databases and distributed hash tables (DHTs), running on SSD storage to provide other Amazon services such as S3. It it not ACID-compliant ore relational but is great for doing analysis on large amounts of simple data… Read more

Ninja-Style Blogging with toto and Heroku- Part 2

Shameer continues in his quest to use the Toto Blogging engine and Git to create a fast blogging platform on Heroku. In part 1, he showed how to get a basic blogging platform up and running. Now he shows how to customize a Toto template and engine, and edit the engine to have more sophisticated functionality such as tag clouds or related articles.… Read more

An Introduction to Windows Azure (Part 1)

Windows Azure is the Microsoft cloud computing platform which enables developers to quickly develop, deploy, and manage their applications hosted in a Microsoft data center. As a PAAS provider, Windows Azure not only takes care of the infrastructure, but will also help to manage higher level components including operating systems, runtimes, and middleware.… Read more

Comparing IAAS and PAAS: A Developer’s Perspective

In the Cloud, services come in the form of Software (SaaS), Infrastructure (IaaS) and platform (PaaS). when moving a service to the cloud, IaaS and PaaS provide two different service models and provisioning steps of solutions. A PaaS providers has more responsibility for your solution than an IAAS provider. wherase an IaaS solutionmay offer more flexibility at lower level. Wely Lau explains.… Read more

Cloudy with a chance of hurdles

Before leaping head-first into the cloud, spinning up a few EC2 nodes or Azure web roles, it pays for an existing company with established servers to set up private cloud, virtualise your existing servers, spin up a second e-commerce server to prototype a multi-node solution, and sort out all the snags.… Read more