Wonder Twins at PASS Summit 2014

It is Saturday afternoon in Orlando and as I type this, my wife, Karla, is in St Louis attending SQL Saturday #333. I have just finished my HoneyDo list and have been thinking about the upcoming PASS Summit 2014 in Seattle and all of the great memories there. I could tell you about the time I got the Redgate tattoo or the time a few of us took a cab to try and find the Lockspot Café hoping to see some of the crew from Deadliest Catch but instead finding a pub and almost not finding our way out. I could go on and on about all of the exuberance and energy and enthusiasm one feels by just being around some of the best and brightest minds in the SQL world and attending sessions on the latest and greatest technologies coming out of Redmond. Having been to PASS for 5 times in the past 7 years, I have lots of fond memories. But this post is not about me (shocking) or even about PASS Summit (necessarily). It is about the woman I mentioned in the first sentence. The one who is not here with me right now. Most everyone in the community knows her as she works for PASS HQ as a Community Evangelist. I will be going to PASS Summit this year with her, like all of the years before. There will be many times when we will not be together because we are both busy people but we will find time to go grab a cold frothy amber beverage or lunch or just exchange glances as I pass by the Community Zone on my way to a session. And at the end of each day I know that we again will be pulled apart by conflicting schedules. There is always so much going on at Summit. With keynotes, sessions, social events, parties, after parties, before parties, after-after parties, before-after-after Karaoke, bro hugs, and scouring the city for rebar (whole different story), we do not have but a few moments of alone time the entire week. And then all of a sudden it is over; all of the sponsors are packing up, all the swag gone, the speakers exhausted and attendees filtering out. We have to wait another year to get back. But, of course this is OK. I get to experience all of that energy and enthusiasm and exuberance everyday of the year with her, alone, all mine!

So, Karla, thank you for all of the great memories over the years. I wouldn’t want to imagine being there without you. Happy 5th Anniversary and let’s make some more PASS memories this year!