TribalSQL – A First for Everyone

TribalSQL is coming out in October – 15 first-time authors each wrote one chapter on what they thought you should know about databases. This is a community project by MidnightDBA and Red Gate who have both donated quite a chunk of time to the project, and all royalties are being donated to Computers4Africa. Jen McCown wrote a great thank you to everyone involved on www.MidnightBDA/Jen.

15 authors for 15 chapters comes with its own challenges, and Simple-Talk editor Tony Davis has spent a huge amount of time editing the chapters to form a cohesive book. We’re really proud of how this has turned out, I’ll just provide a little background here as Tony will write a post of his own about TribalSQL with a sample chapter soon.

In 2011, Jen and Sean McCown (MidnightDBA) were talking to their audience (Here’s some background.) about how great it would be if a bunch of first-time authors got together to write a SQL book. The idea stayed with them, and the word spread. Jen started collecting abstracts and volunteers to help with peer and technical editing.

Eventually Jen ran into Red Gate’s Tony Davis, a man with many years of editing technical books under his belt. Tony signed up to join Jen’s small horde of volunteers, taking on the majority of the editing and the overall responsibility for the end product.

It’s been a long road from inception to print, but the book will be ready to launch at PASS in October, so make sure you get a copy there! We’ll be making a couple a chapters/excerpts available as tasters, but as royalties are going to charity we aren’t planning on offering a free downloadable PDF of the full book. Sorry guys, we want to have something to donate!

You can check out more information about TribalSQL and get a list of all their authors and chapter titles here. Leave a comment with any questions, or email me at