Tracking Azure Costs

I posted this morning over on the Scary DBA blog about the costs of SQL Azure. It’s a confusing model and hard to track. I’ve mentioned this before here, but I think it bears repeating. Red Gate has a cloud based app that will monitor your usage and send you emails on the costs that you are accruing. It’s called Cloud Tally.

It’s a pretty simple little app. You have to let it log in to your Azure account (kind of hard to get pricing information without logging in, sorry). It will then figure out what costs you have accrued during the day and send you an email, each morning, with your costs attached. Here’s what most of mine look like to date:

On April 15 you spent $0.00

The CloudTally Team

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Pretty exciting stuff. But seriously, unless you’re incredibly organized, and/or have nothing else to do, you’re not going to be checking on this daily, but it’s worth knowing, every day, just how much of a charge you are wringing up, so you can have a sense before that monthly bill arrives from Microsoft.

Watch this space. The developers at Red Gate are working on some good stuff for SQL Azure. I wish I could talk about it now. Also, keep an eye on the Scary DBA blog because I’m going to be posting as much about Azure as I can for some time to come.