Testing the speed of ANTS Profiler 4

Profiling and debugging code inevitably adds overhead, and I know that it can be really frustrating. The overhead can either be small, e.g. the Visual Studio debugger, or massive, as with most performance profilers. A developer may invest in a performance profiler to optimize an algorithm that takes 10 minutes to run, and finds that when profiled it takes 2 hours to run. A top priority in the development of ANTS Profiler 4 was to make it faster than its predecessor and faster than any other profiler on the market.

We have found ANTS Profiler 4 to be about eight times faster than its predecessor, ANTS Profiler 3. It is also 4 to 20 times faster at line-level profiling than other profilers on the market.

If you want to try out ANTS Profiler 4, you can download it from the RedGate website.