Such thing as a free lunch

There is a lot of hard work goes on in Red Gate, no doubt. And then there are things we’re asked to get involved with, that aren’t hard and don’t feel much like work.


What? Give up our free lunch at Red Gate for a free lunch in a pub? Within an hour, myself and a colleague are at the Railway Vue pub in nearby Impington.


This is all part of Red Gate’s aim to hire more Software Engineers and Test Engineers, to help Red Gate grow into one of the greatest software companies in the world (it’s already the best small software development company in the UK). Phase one then – buy lunch for Cambridge. Seriously, not just the targeted engineers, but for anyone who could print the voucher and make it to the nearest of the venues, two of which happen to be pubs.

We’re here to watch people happily eat a free pub lunch at Red Gate’s expense. We also get involved and I swear I didn’t order a beer with the food but the landlord says I clearly did and I’m not one to argue.

Red Gate are offering a free iPad to anyone that comes to interview for a Software Engineer or Test Engineer role. We speak to a few engineers who are genuinely interested. We speak to a couple of DBA’s too, and encourage them to make speculative applications – no free iPad on offer for them, but that’s not really the point. The point is, everyone should apply to work here! It’s that good.

We overhear someone ask if ‘these vouchers really work?’ They do. There’s no catch. The free iPad? Again, no catch. If that’s what it takes to get talented engineers through our doors for an interview, then that’s all good. Once they see where we work and how we work, we think they’ll want to come and work with us.

The following day, Red Gate decides to repeat the offer, and that means more hard work, this time at The Castle pub. Another landlord that mis-hears ‘mineral water’ and serves me a beer. There are many more people clutching the printed vouchers and they all seem very happy to be getting a free lunch from Red Gate. “Come and work for us” we suggest, “lunch is always free!”

So if you’re a talented engineer, like free lunches and want a free iPad, you know what to do.

Post by: Adam Walker