SQLBeat Podcast – Episode 9 – Spider Monkey Spiders and Two SQL Nuts

When you’ve known someone as long as I have known Shawn McGehee, you have a tendency when conversing to finish one another’s sentences, to read ahead and know where each other is going in the conversation. This did not happen once in this hard won podcast. This was literally 8 months and 6 years in the making. Of course it only took 29 or so minutes to complete, with a light editing and cutting out the BORING bits. Shawn talks about Shawn and me and I talk about Shawn and me and we talk about Chinese nuts and SQL backups. It should be a lot of fun. Should be. And is. And a heartfelt apology for the hiatus. I am back – @SQLBeat. By the way, the Spider Money Spider title is a term that Shawn and I came up with to describe a spider that looked like a spider monkey. We don’t talk about it at all herein, but it is my homage to my friend, Shawn.

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