SQLBeat Podcast – Episode 6 – And the Winner is…Meredith Ryan from Albakerkee.

In this episode I speak with the winner of the Exceptional DBA Award for 2012, Meredith Ryan. We talk about a lot of things, but mainly attending the PASS Summit, first timers (this is PASS related too) and SQL Saturdays. Meredith has been with her present company for 14 years, an achievement of a bygone era in IT, but we are kindred in this area having worked at my present position for nearly 7. We also agree that every DBA should have to spend at least 2 years on Help Desk. I feel really, really dumb for not having recognized her tattoo, which I shamelessly ask about. Congratulations, Meredith on your award and I look forward to meeting you this year in a few short weeks.

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