SQLBeat Podcast – Episode 5 – Kevin Kline Talks With Me About SQL, Professional Development and Book Writin’

I thought I would be a ball of intimated nerves when Kevin gladly agreed to speak with me on the podcast this past weekend. After all, he is Kevin Kline of SQL in a Nutshell fame! As it turned out, we had a comfortable and enlightening conversation on Apple MacBooks (is that what they are called?), our beginnings in the indistry, the Deep South, health care intiatives and 286’s. I almost pulled the plug when Kevin started down the Oracle path though, and for a moment he looked at me as if I was serious. As always on this podcast, it is all in good fun. The picture is of Kevin and me ( my shirt is mauve not pink by the way) at the after party for SQL Saturday 151 in Orlando, FL where he also did a Pre-Con to a sold out crowd of enthusiastic DBAs. I know they were enthusiastic even though I was not there because one of the attendees was a friend of mine who went on and on and on about the content, kind of like I am doing here. So I will just stop that and let you proceed to listen. As always, I hope you enjoy and any feedback on this or future episodes is always welcome.

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