SQLBeat Podcast – Episode 4 – Mark Rasmussen on Machine Guns, Jellyfish and SQL Storage Engine

In this this 4th SQLBeat Podcast I talk with fellow Dane Mark Rasmussen on SQL, machine guns and jelly fish fights; apparently they are common in our homeland. Who am I kidding, I am not Danish, but I try to be in this podcast. Also, we exchange knowledge on SQL Server storage engine particulars as well as some other “internals” like password hashes and contained databases. And then it just gets weird and awesome. There is lots of background noise from people who did not realize we were recording. And I call them out and make fun of them as they deserve; well just one person who is well known in these parts. I also learn the correct (almost) pronunciation of “fjord”. Seriously, a word with an “F” followed by a “J”. And there are always the hippies and hipsters to discuss. Should be fun.

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