SQLBeat Podcast Episode 3 – Buck Woody: Former Nun and Windows Azooray Solutioner

Buck_Cropped_thumb.jpgSo here it is after so many anticipated months, Episode 3. I almost feel like having an American-style hot dog in a jar to celebrate. Buck Woody and I talk about that. And we talk about moms and a Woody tattoo, Jehovah’s Witness insurance salesmen, the proper pronunciation of Azure and character. We are in England, a country with so many names and very few ice cold beverages. We find ourselves and our wives and yungins (we can say that cause we are from Florida) in the first SQL Saturday in the U.K., Cambridge. Though I have spent some time with Buck over the years, this trip stood out as being one where we really bonded. And I have the audio and pictures to prove it. So without further annoying text intro, I give you 30 minutes of Buck Woody…and me asking dumb questions and saying “When I was grown up.” Enjoy.

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