SQL Support for OSS Projects

We recently blogged about two new open source websites, OSS Zero to Sixty and OSSPerks. Set up by Nik and Anthony, founders of Glimpse, they’re two sites dedicated to helping anyone looking for help, tips, resources and tooling for open source projects.

Since then, we’ve heard about all sorts of exciting things the open source community is doing and we would love our tools at Red Gate to help along the way. We’ve just added a bunch of Red Gate SQL Server tools to the growing list on OSSPerks, including:

We’re offering free licenses of these tools for work on open source projects. Just drop us an email at sales@red-gate.com with your contact details and a little information about your plans, and we’ll be in touch to set you up with a license.

In the spirit of sharing, we also hear from Nik and Anthony that they would love to see more tips for open source projects on the OSS Zero to Sixty website. There are also links to two superb (and free) eBooks from O’Reilly, plus a link to Nik’s video presentation on tips and challenges of OSS projects – just to get you started. Feel free to dig in to the site and add your ideas!