SQL Backup to MTF Converter

A little known application exists for converting your backup files created by SQL Backup (*.sqb) into MTF (Microsoft Tape Format) files. The command line version (sqb2mft.exe) is shipped with the product.

This utility makes it possible to restore backups created by SQL Backup using the restore command directly in SQL Server by converting them (and uncompressing the file) to a native SQL Server format.

The utility is freely distributed and doesn’t require the full product installation. This means if you copy over this utility and the *.sqb file, it’s pretty simple to move and then restore a backup file created with SQL Backup to a server that doesn’t have SQL Backup installed.

SQL Backup to MTF Converter – the user interface

We have now got a user interface for this utility and it’s on the Red Gate Labs as an unsupported application, free to download. It’s not currently part of the SQL Backup application, however the idea is that by providing a user interface we have hopefully improved the conversion process. There are no license restrictions and there is no installation.

Comments about the user interface can be read on the forum. We’re very keen to hear your feedback, so please post your ideas and thoughts about the utility on the forum. There are five goodie bags on offer to our top five forum entries!