SQL Backup goes 64-bit…

SQL Backup 4.5 (released 5th July 2006) now supports 64-bit versions of SQL Server. We’ve had a public beta program running for a couple of months, which has been well used but now it’s released in earnest. Hooray.

It’s the same download regardless of whether you are running 32-bit or 64-bit versions of SQL Server.  From the GUI you can register multiple instances of SQL Server remotely and install or upgrade the server components. Leave it to SQL Backup to automatically install the correct version of the server components depending on your configuration.

Upgrading from 4.2 or the 4.5 beta is straightforward. Simplist way to upgrade from 4.2 is to use the Check for updates facility (from the help menu), or just go to the red-gate website to download the setup.

For those who don’t require 64-bit support, it’s still worth upgrading to 4.5 if you want to take advantage of the context sensitive help file which is now shipped as part of the product and other feature enhancements (new MAXTRANSFERSIZE keyword).