SQL Backup 5.2 released

A minor release of SQL Backup is now available, and is a free upgrade from version 5.0 or 5.1.

To make it eaiser for new users to get started we’ve made some improvements to getting the server components installed. Hopefully this makes the installation process slightly more pleasurable for new comers to SQL Backup.

Once SQL Server instances have been added (or registered) you can now open any of the Back Up, Restore, Schedule Backup Jobs, Log Shipping dialogs and select a SQL Server. If the server components required for SQL Backup aren’t installed a warning is displayed with a link to install the server components at this point.

More compelling for existing customers is that SQL Backup 5.2 server components themselves have been improved, with the addition of the new keyword SINGLERESULTSET, and some bug fixes as listed on the forum announcement.