SQL Alphabet and Friday Nights

So, it is Friday night in Lake Mary, Florida, our new home. I get off work at 3:30 on Friday and after a soothing cold Hazed and Confused IPA from our new favorite watering hole, it is time to play some SQL Alphabet. If you have ever been the unwitting participant at a SQL Saturday or PASS after party, where I force you to play, then you already know the rules. If not,  here are the bullets that you can use to play for fun and profit. Well, fun anyway.

1.) Start with the letter “A” and name a SQL keyword (ABS or AS..that’s all you get)

2.) Everyone playing gets a turn and must name a keyword that is SQL-related and starts with “A”. If they can not then they drink or bow out. 

3.) B,C,D.. and on until Z. (There are some Z’s) but by this time they are literal ZZZZ’s.

4.) Start over with a new group of people and win big because now you have lots of new words, unless you have had too much to drink and have forgotten them all.

You will be amazed at the fun and laughs and jovial good pats on the back…”Good One!” And if SQL is exhausted, try IT categories in general.  What is an “AND” gate by the way?