SmartAssembly Support: How to change the error report maps folder

If you’ve set up SmartAssembly to store error reports in a SQL Server database, you’ll also have specified a folder for the map files that are used to de-obfuscate error reports (see Figure 1). Whilst you can change the database easily enough you can’t change the map folder path via the UI – if you click on it, it’ll just open the folder in Explorer – but never fear, you can change it manually and fortunately it’s not that difficult. (If you want to get to these settings click the Tools > Options link on the left-hand side of the SmartAssembly main window.)


Figure 1. Error reports database settings in SmartAssembly.

The folder path is actually stored in the database, so you just need to open up SQL Server Management Studio, connect to the SQL Server where your error reports database is stored, then open a new query on the SmartAssembly database by right-clicking on it in the Object Explorer, then clicking New Query (see figure 2).


Figure 2. Opening a new query against the SmartAssembly error reports database in SQL Server.

Now execute the following SQL query in the new query window:

SELECT * FROM dbo.Information

You should find that you get a result set rather like that shown in figure 3. You can see that the map folder path is stored in the MapFolderNetworkPath column.


Figure 3. Contents of the dbo.Information table, showing the map folder path I set in SmartAssembly.

All I need to do to change this is execute the following SQL:

UPDATE dbo.Information
WHERE MapFolderNetworkPath = '\dev-ltbartSAMaps'

This will change the map folder path to whatever I supply in the SET clause.

Once you’ve done this, you can verify the change by executing the following again:

SELECT * FROM dbo.Information

You should find the result set contains the new path you’ve set.