Single-click script execution on multiple SQL Servers

New SQL Multi Script tool for DBAs

After talking with DBAs who look after multiple SQL Servers, it was clear that one of their most common tasks is to deploy scripts, query databases and collect aggregated results across their enterprise. With the use of SQL Server client-side tools, this task is nowhere near as straightforward as it could be.

The DBA needs a concentrated period of time to steadily repeat the execution of the same script or a set of scripts against multiple databases. This common task uses up valuable time that – time that DBAs could proiftably on more problem-soloving tasks.

It was with the busy DBA in mind that we developed SQL Multi Script. The tool is easily installed, and you only need a few minutes to learn how to create or open existing SQL scripts, edit them, parse them, execute them and browse the aggregated results returned. What’s more, this can all be done from a single interface. One mouse click at the top of the interface will let you execute all your selected scripts in one go.

A number of features are also included in SQL Multi Script to make life a whole lot easier for the DBA when scripts need to be deployed across different servers. Queries can be cancelled and SQL Multi Script can also be set to four different failure behaviors, should an error occur during deployment. Lists of databases on multiple SQL Servers can be customized and saved, so that it’s easy to execute a set of scripts against a particular set of SQL Servers in the future. You can also configure the number of databases against which to run scripts in parallel. Once the results of queries are returned, the results can be saved as .csv or .txt files for use in an external application.

The reactions of DBAs so far have shown that we’ve achieved what we set out to do. One DBA, with more than 50 SQL Server instances to manage, describes SQL Multi Script as having ‘the potential to be a godsend’.

Now that I’ve whetted your appetite, you can watch a demo, read customer testimonials and download a free 14-day trial (the trial enables you to execute scripts against an unlimited number of servers) for SQL Multi Script from the product pages.

We would also welcome your feedback on SQL Multi Script, so please feel free to post your comments on the  SQL Multi Script forum.