Simple Talk "mission statement" competition

How many people have admired the current “mission statement” for If you take a look at the top of the Home Page you’ll see it…

SQL Server and .NET put simply

How does that grab you? Exactly. That’s why we’re after a new one ;). The impetus for this was a phrase that one of our star SQL bloggers, Rodney Landrum, came up with recently…

Working with databases on a day-to-day basis

I like that quite a lot. It’s snappy and, for me, gets to the heart of the sort of information that we try to provide on Simple Talk (at least the SQL Server information ).

The challenge is to come up with something better. Post your ideas here. It doesn’t have to be the catchiest slogan in existence but it does need to encapsulate what you think Simple Talk is, or should be, all about. A big challenge needs a big prize, so the winner will receive a highly desirable pair of Sennheiser noise reduction headphones.

There will be some surprise runners-up prizes too (OK, OK, you’re right, they will be Simple Talk goodie bags!)