Showing All Pages in a SharePoint Wiki Library

Opening a SharePoint wiki takes you to the wiki homepage, which is what most users want and expect.  Administrators, on the other hand, will occasionally need to see a full list of wiki pages in the wiki library.  Getting to this view is really easy, but you have to know where to look.

The problem is that when viewing a wiki page SharePoint conveniently removes the Library tab from the ribbon, and the Library tab houses the controls you normally use to switch views.  Many an admin has been frustrated by the fact that they cannot get to this functionality. 

A bit more searching, however, reveals that the Page tab in the ribbon contains a button in the Page Library group called View All Pages.  As the name suggests, clicking this button displays a document library style view all the pages in the wiki.  It also makes the Library tab available to switch views and gives administrators access to all of the standard Library tab functionality.