SharePoint 2010 – What to look forward to.

For many months now the intricate details of what’s under the bonnet (that’s the hood to all US readers) of SharePoint 2010 has been for a select bunch of SharePoint MVPs and Microsoft partners, and it has been protected by an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) threatening to bring the world down around the ears of any who should divulge these secrets.

However, the twittering for #SPC09 (SharePoint Conference 2009) has died down, the casino tables of Vegas have emptied (at least of SharePoint bods anyway) and that can only mean one thing.

The word is out.

The NDA is no more!

And blimey have the jungle drums been beating.  Every MVP, Microsoft partner and SharePoint blogger  (even Microsoft have published some stuff) from here to somewhere very far from here, have been blogging, chatting and spilling the proverbial beans on SharePoint 2010.

So am I going to do the same? No.  I am just going to highlight the best of theirs instead.


Andrew Connell

Chris O’Brien

Spencer Harbar


List of SharePoint 2010 Web Parts
SharePoint 2010 Hits the Jackpot

So read up and savour what’s coming down the pipeline!