Saving your agile project: proper Post-it peeling

  • Step 1) Write task on Post-it
  • Step 2) Peel Post-it from pack
  • Step 3) Put Post-it in to do column
  • Step 4) Post-it falls onto floor, gets helpfully tidied into bin
  • Step 5) Sad trombone noise

It all went wrong in step 4, right? Some root cause analysis shows the problem begins in Step 2.

If you hold the Post-it by the unattached edge and peel backwards, it’ll curl up. These are easy to spot: they’re the ones which point out at an angle before inevitably falling to their doom.


If you peel off at an angle, bending the pack slightly, it will stick flat. Success!


Yes, I learned the hard way. Yes, I feel ridiculous for posting this.