Reflector Pro has now been released!

After moving into the .NET division in May, and having a great time working on Reflector, I’m pleased to say that the results of that work are now available. Reflector Pro has now been released!

The old Reflector as you know and love it is still available free of charge, and as part of this project we’ve fixed a number of bugs in the de-compilation that have been around for a long time. The Pro version comes as an add-in for Visual Studio – this offers dynamic de-compilation and generation of pdb files which allow you to step into the de-compiled code.

Thanks to the other guys who’ve worked on this for taking me along for the ride – Alex, Andrew, Bart and Jason. Stephen did some great usability work, Chris Alford did some great technical authoring and Laila handled the launch publicity.

Like all projects, there’s always more I’d like to have done, but what we have looks like a pretty powerful addition to the developer’s set of tools to me. Please try it and give us feedback on the forum.