Redgate’s support for Visual Studio 2015

Redgate ReadyRoll, which features in this article, is now part of SQL Change Automation.
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Microsoft have now publicly announced that they will release Visual Studio 2015 (along with .NET 4.6 and TFS 2015) on July 20th. Redgate is a SimShip partner for the launch, and has already completed most of the work to provide full support for Visual Studio 2015 in all our tools.

We’re really excited about all the changes to developer tooling coming from Microsoft at the moment, and beyond simply supporting Visual Studio 2015, we’re working to support other advancements: The ANTS Profiler team will be releasing support for the ASP.NET 5 DNX beta in the first half of July (beta support is already available), and the .NET Reflector team is in the middle of supporting the new language features in C#6.

You can download free trial versions of all the tools using the links below. These include support for the latest available Visual Studio build, which we expect to be almost identical to the RTM version. We should be able to confirm support for the final RTM build within a month of it launching.

.NET Reflector:

ANTS Performance Profiler:

ANTS Memory Profiler:

SQL Prompt: