Plug and Play Database Continuous Integration with TeamCity

In a previous blog I describe in twenty one easy steps how to set up continuous integration using a combination of TeamCity and Red Gate tools.

Okay, it’s easy only in a relative sense, giving that until recently database continuous integration was almost impossible to set up.  One would always suspect that a twenty-one-step process is a long way from the optimal simplicity. Also, having to negotiate the command lines and learning the intricacies of their respective switches and exit codes is tedious at best.

We’ve therefore taken the implementation to the next level and removed the need to use the command line to get database continuous integration up and running. We achieved this by developing a TeamCity plugin. This means that once the plugin is installed, Red Gate (SQL Server) will appear in the TeamCity dropdown as a custom build step in its own right.


All you need to do is to specify your database connection details and the plugin will do the rest. Assuming you’ve configured the VCS root to point to your SQL Source Control or SQL Connect database in source control, and a VCS trigger to fire on each check-in, your specified database will always be kept up to date with the latest incarnation in your version control system.


We’ve released the plugin as early as we could to get community feedback, as we’re fully aware that there’s scope to improve it further. We just need to know what’s crucial and what’s just a nice-to-have.

You can try out the plugin for yourself by visiting the following webpage, which also includes step by step instructions.

There is a feedback link on the plugin page that we’d encourage you to use if you’d like anything added or changed, or indeed what we can do to make it even more simple!