I thought about titling every blog entry “FunnyTitle…and SQL” but judging from the responses thus far, which would equate to NULL, I am changing my approach. I was speaking to a colleage just now about the things you talk about when “on break,” to the point that it is too hot where I am at (Pensacola). He felt it was nice and accomodating being he is from the desert of Arizona. So, it goes to show that indeed, if not everything, at least, the weather is relative. But what came out of this conversation was a play on words that had nothing to do with SQL, which would make many people happy who do not espouse utilizing SQL for fun and games, and who can blame them?  This conversation had to do with how in a “24/7” shop (or shoppe) people who make the big bucks are always on call, well, really just DBA’s and network admins. They live their lives with blackberries in tow (or blueberries or the current flavor of technologies) that alert you when there is a problem. And the problems come is various shapes and sizes.

Be that as it may, I am a victim of that hamster wheel and I am thusly re-titling myself:


Good play on words—nothing technical–just a quick thought.