Old Bands and Almost Famous and Working

 As I type this I am resting on the gluteus trying to work on an exciting BI project that should bring to the surface otherwise fossilized remnants of data. This ozone friendly data, as it is touted in almost every BI webcast, will empower “knowledge workers” to make better business decisions. Having worked with the SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services and Data Mining tools, I believe this to be true. 

But one question lingers…which is off subject…but being the observant person I am, I noticed that many developers I know listen to music while they work. I was just wondering if the choice of music and its accompanying volume have any impact on final product. Right now I am listening, audaciously loud by the way, to Fugazi and another almost nameless band Throwing Muses. Of course, the headphones are preventing awkward “Turn that crap down” stares. Another developer I know listens to Jazz, another strictly old Rock…and I mean very old. 

 So really what I am wondering is what is more distracting, the music or the unmitigated barrage of interruptions from others who need me to urgently help them restore a database or fix an orphaned SQL user? I think it is the fact that I have to remove my headphones to listen to them and possibly miss the same Descendents song I have already heard a thousand times that morning.

Just a few minutes of drivel. More ponderous, detailed, and  meticulously tested thoughts to follow…with code examples.

fIREHOSE and Primus!

So really I just wanted to plug some good “working man” music while I BI all over myself.