MVP Trading Cards and War Games

I had planned to blog tonight about the MVP Summit and all of the great new friends I met, mostly XNA and Direct X MVPs for some reason, but I could not wrap my brain around how I would deliver the idea I had without offending nearly every SQL MVP I know, plus a few I don’t.  The idea struck me as humorous at first and I had quickly written a whole page on it. However, eventually I stopped and decided to throw it all out.

Suffice it to say in Seattle all of the MVPs were treated to a night at Safeco field to hit home runs, walk the bases and enjoy the company of other wet-whistled MVPs.  Seeing all of the MVPs on the field of play, I thought, wouldn’t it be a great idea if the SQL MVPs had trading cards, like baseball trading cards. The stats and prestige rolled through my mind and I picked my fantasy team…quietly to myself, of course. And with that thought, I closed the blog without saving.

So, what else to blog about after such an interesting and worthwhile week?  I had decided to dive deep into a technical issue and provide code, much like Jonathan Allen’s post, but then I thought, I need to get blogging and I really have nothing technical this week.

So…there you go…movies. I decided to write tonight about the movies that bring on motivation for us technical souls. The one and only movie that I can watch over and over again that always makes me want to stay up all night working on a technical problem is War Games.  There is something about all the text hacking that harkens me back to the 80’s, where 300 baud modems were the DVRs and smart phones of my era. I miss those days. Then there is Swordfish, Anti-Trust and Tron.  Classics. Matrix? Ok, but only in a pinch. And I can’t forget Hackers. I actually wrote a screenplay in college called “Hackers” about a year before the movie was released.

I am sure everyone has a techie film that inspires them, whether it is farcical computer drama where the concept of Gigabytes of information is so astounding that the actors have to shake their heads in utter bafflement, or a comedy like the 1984 Electric Dreams, also a favorite. I would like to hear about them. Now I need to watch WarGames again, as I have work to do.