Mass Produced Beer and SQL

I was on vacation last week. Ok, you may call it Holiday…but with four kids in tow to Orlando, FL to spend as yet un-tallied sums of cash, it is hard to call it relaxing.  The trip did afford me the ability to see the convention center in Orlando, the designated focal point of the upcoming TechEd conference. As always, I was awestruck to even drive by. With the Ripley’s Believe It or Not building leaning askance in it’s surreal way, I could not help but wonder who all I will meet in June and will they be as surreal or have experienced something odd in life to report. With that said, I am sad to say I have not had one thought of SQL in the 9 days of Vay Kay. I checked the Crack Berry peridically, but only once a day. Hard to believe I only had one missed call, even though this last Windows update snowed under the SQL 2000 mail capabilities and 20 some odd servers all need some level of attention.  But…

Since I have already titled this entry as Beer and SQL..I must report on what I learned that is even more important now than SQL, which I promise to stringently belly flop into tomorrow, if the head cold abates and I can focus on something other than cat napping:

Budweiser….you know the king of beers here where I am in America…is reportedly on a “buying spree”, according to the bartender at the Hospitality House in Tampa’s Busch Gardens, where I enjoyed several (wait only allowed two beers), ok, a couple of complimentary doses of amber courage.  This spree includes Landshark out of Jacksonville, Florida, but also other beers which my SQL brethren across the pond may know…

Stella Artois…Kirin… and a certain percentage of Tsingtao to name just a few. 

 If you have ever heard of / imbibed any Redhook products (especially the deliciously hoppy IPA) you will be happy to know that though not owned outright by Bud, some distribution deals have been made.  I am only reporting what I am told AND it may not be the place so I will have to focus my next entry solely on SQL or face the wrath of others who are seeking tech talk, or as Phil has laid it out, geek speek every week.

Done……goes down smooth.