Keep Log Shipping in shape

The Log Shipping Monitor is an unsupported, free product available on the Red Gate Labs. If you are running log shipping jobs between servers you can now set up this application to collate the log shipping activity.  A summary is presented and graphs are plotted to look how the size of the backup files are changing over time and how long the backups have been taking.

If the duration of your transaction log backups is increasing steadily over time you are able to take a decision before the backups start failing. Take proactive action to reduce the size of the log, change the schedule of how regularly you perform backups or altering your backup statements in order to try and speed up the backup. The same applies to the size of the transaction log backup files. If you are able to spot patterns of behaviour you are able to be efficient about your log shipping strategy and therefore increase your confidence that it will continue to run successfully. The alerts functionality allow you to customise alerts for a variety of variables which helps you to be quick off the mark in spotting hazards or allow you to troubleshoot a problem soon after it’s happened to get the log shipping jobs back on track.

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