Jeffrey Richter’s Tip for Faster ASP.NET Applications

It’s been a while since I’ve last posted on my blog, but last week I realised that I have tons I still want to share with you. But I’m not much of a Facebook or Twitter fan (I struggle a little bit with ultra-short-form writing), so I guess I’d better go back to good old traditional blogging! Feel free to tell me if it’s not a good idea (after all, I love hearing from you guys, and honest critiques are great discussion)

Right at the top of my mind right now is the something that my colleague Michaela Murray (you might also know her as Miss DotNet) worked on a few months ago. Back at the start of the Summer, Michaela invited the ASP.NET community to get in touch and share their hard-earned performance knowledge with their fellow developers. She scooped up as much knowledge as she could, invited some of the most respected names in the .NET community to help her sift through the collected wisdom of the crowd and, in July, we released our latest free eBook.

25 Secrets for Faster ASP.NET Applications was a resounding success, and I wanted to take a moment to add my appreciation to Michaela’s and thank everyone who took part – this community is fantastic! If you missed it the first time round – never fear! – it’s still available, and you can grab yourself a free copy on the Red Gate website.

Of course, that’s not particularly new, but what I AM itching to share is this simple 1-minute video which the eminent Jeffrey Richter from Wintellect sent me a few weeks back, relating to his tip from the community book. So, if you want to get an ASP.NET pro-tip, go and see what Jeffrey has to say on the topic of working asynchronously when building scalable websites and services.

I think Jeffrey makes an excellent point about efficiency in system resource allocation, but I’d love to get your thoughts on his advice. Do you think he’s on the money, or has he missed something important? Let me know what you think.